Corona Virus or COVID19 has completely disrupted the Recruitment Industry and other HR Operations. While a certain section of the workforce is shifting to Work from Home, there are people who are losing jobs irrespective of their seniority or current designation in their respective companies. Many established organisations are revoking already given offers to new talents and have frozen hiring processes. At the same time, there are certain sectors like healthcare and logistics which have experienced a sudden surge in the demand for new talent. In such times, the role of HR Managers in businesses have become very crucial.

Be it recruiting new employees, or engaging, motivating and training current employees, HR managers have changed the ways in which their operations are carried out in recent times. 

Challenges faced by the HR teams in recent times:
Digital Hiring of new talent without any in-person meetings.

Digitization of processes like recruitment, calculation of compensation and benefits of employees, introducing new HR policies to better fit the mental and physical well-being of employees. 

Keeping the workforce motivated, healthy, productive, stress-free and better engaged.
Training the entire workforce to adapt them to the new Remote Work apparatus.
Introducing Pay Cuts in the salaries of employees irrespective of their designation.


  • Converting these Challenges into Opportunities

A lot of top-notch talent around you is being laid-off. This can be looked at as an opportunity since you can now get in touch with these A-level professionals and hire them creating a win-win situation for all. You might need to hire in bulk for certain positions owing to the skew in the demand of the workforce as per operations. This will be made possible if you integrate your HR operations with technologies like Cornerstone OnDemand. Your hiring budgets are now lower than they used to be, to combat these struggles, HR technologies are here to help.


  • Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand is a cloud-based talent management solution. It enables users to recruit talent, customize training & workshops, generate compliance reports, and train high performers for further succession. Users can track applicants with access to best sources of talent, initiate and automate the hiring process, manage interviews and customize on-boarding processes. Cornerstone also provides a plethora of training courses that employees can avail on recommendation of their managers. A talent dashboard displays the skills, potential and performance of employees, which helps managers identify colleagues who are ready to take the next step in their career and who needs more training to grow.


  • Conclusion

Equipping your HR Operations with technologies like Cornerstone will ensure streamlined and cost effective recruitment and other HR related tasks. Is sure to ease your life and work. Ensuring Hiring Managers are convinced in giving offers to candidates they haven’t even met and getting those candidates to accept them is one tedious task for HR teams. Cornerstone OnDemand sorts this out for you. Be it be enhancing employee communication and engagement or adapting to the quick shifts in work with utmost agility, Cornerstone eases it all. For any queries and integrating Cornerstone OnDemand in your HR Operations, reach out to Reddsand at .