Have you been finding yourself stuck between managing your daily home chores and at the same time struggling to be actively present in three to four different Zoom Meetings simultaneously? Well you’re not the only one. The Covid19 times have given a kick to the complete transformation of a workplace, be it be an office or while working from home. According to a Gartner HR Survey, 88% employees around the world have been encouraged to work from home irrespective of them showing symptoms or not.

But in the hindsight, it has also disrupted the smooth working and operations for HR Managers. All their one to one interactions have been replaced by e-mails & video conferences, thus making it difficult for them to work. It has become a challenge for them to keep their employees motivated, engaged, productive & connected while ensuring they easily dwell in this ‘new normal’ way of working.

Easing your Workforce / Talent Management

Companies will have to get themselves and their employees prepared for the Remote Working conditions. Organise trainings and workshops regarding the same for your workforce.

Modify your HR policies to suit them better according to your employees’ mental and physical wellbeing in order to ensure the work wellbeing. Make employee wellbeing, your utmost priority. Provide added benefits to your employees eyeing their mental and physical health.

HR Listening & Collaboration tools will help businesses understand employee sentiments and get better feedbacks from them to lead them in making better people-centric decisions.

HR Tech helps them in engaging & keeping a check on their employees, enabling learning programs effectively, promoting their wellbeing, and most importantly analyse their HR Database in the best possible ways to implement condition-based changes.

End to end encrypted software can help you in calculating compensation and benefits for your employees. Not only this, AI based apps are also helping HR Managers in gauging their employees’ emotional statuses.


Work from home is here to stay and even after the pandemic comes towards its end, we will see more and more people adapting and preferring to work remotely. Skill based hiring is going to be widely accepted over degree based hiring, in the upcoming times. Thus you also need to introduce HR Technology in your hiring processes, in order to streamline the talent acquisition process and hire the best workforce. Even the processes involving the training of your staff is going to change and HR Tech will be your best bet to rely on.

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