Today’s business world is more diverse and dynamic than ever before. Strategic human capital management is extremely important for organisational success. Human Resource manages the company’s most important capital – its employees. Therefore employee engagement and human capital transformation as per changing business requirements is important for productivity and growth. This is where Human resource management software such as Cornerstone On Demand plays a critical role.


Today, Human resource management software has emerged as one of the most popular types of systems adopted by modern businesses. It is interesting to note that Human Capital Management Software Market is predicted to rise with a CAGR of over 6.4% by 2023. Cornerstone On Demand, a leading cloud-based learning and human capital management (HCM) software, is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the way HR solutions and HR consultancy services are delivered globally. HCM provides an integrated system that automates Human Resources (HR) processes and delivers employee self-service (ESS) capabilities. Use of HCM software such as Cornerstone On Demand leads to reduced labor costs, enhanced efficiencies, and optimised process.


Here are four immediate benefits of driving human capital transformation with an HCM solution:


  1. Highly optimised HR process

The immediate benefit organisations get from implementing Cornerstone On Demand is that their employee gets easily accessible, a mobile-friendly system that they can use from their work-place or on the move. Cornerstone HR uses self-service technology that empowers and encourages the workforce to collaborate across the company, seamlessly.


  1. Enhanced and personalised employee engagement

Cornerstone On Demand helps to improve employee-experience by enabling them to take charge of their own career path. With the help of Cornerstone On Demand, both employees, as well as senior management staff, will have the opportunity to grow in the business, all the while directing their own learning and development paths. This is a crucial step in achieving employee satisfaction and creating a learning and growth environment.


  1. Talent acquisition and retention 

The Recruiting suite of Cornerstone On Demand helps to optimise and streamline the recruiting process. Thereby, it not only helps to attract the right candidates more efficiently but also helps in smooth on boarding and talent retention.


  1. Encourages the culture of learning

Traditionally organisations have been delivering learning and development programs in a typical classroom setting. Cornerstone Learning suite enables organisations to deliver a digital and blended approach to learning. This gives enough room for employees to personalise their learning experience to suit their schedule.


Any organisation that aims to position itself as an employer of choice and remain competitive in the market, will have to focus on their employees. Human capital transformation with Cornerstone On Demand will encourage employees to proactively take control of their development. It will also help the HR department to focus on impactful talent management initiatives. Cornerstone Human Capital Management Software helps to standardise and optimise HR processes. This is key to ensuring that organisations attract and retain the right talent that helps drive business success.


If you are in the process of choosing the right Human Capital Management software or planning to implement Cornerstone On Demand, finding an experienced HCM implementation partner is a good start. Get in touch with our team at Reddsand and we’d be happy to discuss possibilities. Reddsand has helped companies seamlessly integrate Cornerstone On Demand successfully. Backed with experience and the right talent, we are your perfect partner to take your HR process digital.